About Jai

Jai Jeffryes - Data Scientist and Classical Pianist

Those who know me know I like hats, and I wear many of them.

With 20 years of experience as a database administrator and programmer behind me, I attended a seminar by Edward Tufte, who inspired me to drop everything and devote myself to data science.

I am a graduate student in Data Science at CUNY in New York City. I support research at the Sulzer Neuroscience Laboratory at Columbia University as a data analyst and programmer. My passion is to apply data analytics and data science to public health and epidemiology.

I am a professional musician with performances worldwide from North America to Paris, Berlin, and Tokyo, from the Ambassador Auditorium in Los Angeles to Lincoln Center in New York. My focus is on contemporary classical piano music and producing my own recordings. I’m a Voting Member of The Recording Academy and vote in the Grammy Awards.