Machine Learning

Tidymodels site launch

Max Kuhn, author of the caret package (Classification And REgression Training), the indispensible and universally acclaimed R toolbox for machine learning, announced yesterday (April 21, 2020) the launch of The site is a central location for learning and using the tidymodels framework, a collection of packages for modeling and machine learning based on Tidyverse principles. I’m headed over there now for the Getting Started articles. It’s time to ramp up my machine learning skills on the new framework.

Hello, Machine Learning

Introduction This is a Hello, World type of project for getting acquainted with machine learning. It examines the iris dataset. References: Your First Machine Learning Project in R Step-By-Step. The caret package. Package home page by Max Kuhn. Approach I began with this outline. Define problem. Prepare data. Evaluate algorithms. Improve results. Present results. Structured write up I revised the presentation per these questions, suggested by Data Science Weekly.